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Research Staff Profile - Dr Jawed Qureshi

jqureshi.jpg  Dr Jawed Qureshi
Research Fellow, School of Engineering.

Note: Jawed no longer works within the University

Current Research
With the aim to seek an academic position at a world’s renowned university, I am currently working as a Research Fellow on the EPSRC funded project on “Connections and Joints for Buildings and Bridges of Fibre Reinforced Polymer” in School of Engineering.

Life before Warwick
I have been in academia for over a decade working at four universities and in different countries like Pakistan, Thailand and the UK. I have come a long way before joining University of Warwick completing my Bachelors in Civil Engineering from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro, Sindh, Paksitan, Masters in Structural Engineering from Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand and, more recently, PhD in steel-concrete composite structures from University of Leeds. I am so keen on following my career aspirations and not sure about my new exciting journey to the next destination.

Best things about working at Warwick
The most inspiring thing for me at the University of Warwick is its focus on research and development, along with exciting training opportunities and research support mechanism. Above all, what is more captivating is the location of University of Warwick in a rural setting making it the most beautiful campus in the UK.

Worst thing about working for Warwick or If you could change one thing at Warwick, what would it be?
I think all researchers would agree that the worst thing about Warwick is isolation associated with research specific roles. This could well be related to the nature of being a research fellow, which is quite a transitional role between a PhD student and an academic.

What people are surprised to learn about me…..
People are surprised to see my handwriting when I give them Christmas cards written by me; and I often get compliments like, “What beautiful handwriting you have.”

What would you dream job be?
My dream job would be the one which would give me first of all fulfilment, a lot of travelling around the world, job security and sufficient money so that I don’t have to worry about maintaining myself. I have a dream to work in the backdrop of eye catching scenery with mountains and beaches with plenty of sunshine; and to give employment to other people, rather than me being employed by someone else.

Research interest
My research is mainly focussed on steel-concrete composite structures, fibre reinforced polymer shapes and systems for new build structures, deterioration modelling of road pavements, and finite element modelling. Currently, I am working on connections and joints of fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) for buildings and bridges. FRP is an eco-friendly material which would help the UK meet its targets of sustainability and carbon-neutral buildings. I intent to expand my research areas; and I am also interested to work in a multi-disciplinary setting.

What have been useful training/ development to date
A three day “Team working and Networking” residential course at University of Warwick, which is part of PGCTSS, has been the most useful training for me.

Other roles (eg. peer review journals)
I am going to teach a module to postgraduate students starting from October 2011. I also help PhD students in learning finite element modelling, especially using ABAQUS.

Next bid/grant
At the moment, I am in consultation with my mentor, colleagues, research support services, academic and industrial partners to apply for EPSRC grant next summer in 2012.

Latest academic writing publication (journal/book etc)
• Qureshi J, Lam D and Ye J. Effect of shear connector spacing and layout on the shear connector capacity in composite beams. Journal of Constructional Steel Research 2011; 67(4): 706-719. (This is an A* publication as per ERA_2010, Australian Research Council for Research Excellence Framework, REF, in the UK)
• Qureshi J, Lam D and Ye J. The influence of profiled sheeting thickness and shear connector’s position on strength and ductility of headed shear connector. Engineering Structures 2011; 33(5): 1643–1656. (This is an A* publication as per ERA_2010, Australian Research Council for Research Excellence Framework, REF, in the UK)

Looking for?
I am looking for a proactive academic role in higher education. Any opportunities of multi-disciplinary research and networking are particularly welcome. You can contact me at email: or Tel: 22332.

Major achievement to date
I have developed a novel modelling approach for analysing steel-concrete composite beams. As recognition of my research, I was awarded 2nd runner up prize at Institution of Structural Engineers Young researcher’s conference, London in 2010. I was also awarded scholarships to pursue my Masters and PhD from Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand and University of Leeds respectively.

Three top tips / learning
• Always be focussed on skills – if you don’t have it, develop it.
• Never be disappointed – bounceback and turn around the disappointment into a drive to do even better.
• If you want to be successful in life and career, cultivate a positive attitude, and keep a work-life balance.