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Research Staff Profile - Vannessa Goodship

vg_pic.jpg Dr Vannessa GoodshipPrincipal Research Fellow, Warwick Manufacturing Group.
Tel: 02476 572934

Current Research
Current projects involve plastic electronics, conductive polymers, plastic recycling and dye diffusion.

Life before Warwick
I came from industry, where I had worked in plastics since leaving school. When I applied I thought ‘Warwick Manufacturing Group’ was another industry business, I would probably have not considered applying if I had realised it was actually part of the university.

Best things about working at Warwick
The campus, the coffee and the Arts Centre - in no particular order.

Worst thing about working for Warwick or If you could change one thing at Warwick, what would it be?
Paying to park your car. I commute a long way and simply don’t have the option of public transport or cycling.

What people are surprised to learn about me…
I left school at 16, that was the last full time education I had. I have both a BSc and a BA from distance learning with the Open University.
Vannessa has two ‘n’s because my dad thought it would be easier to remember how to spell it if it had two ‘n’s and two ‘s’s. (Presumably he was not expecting me to be good at spelling...).

What would you dream job be?
Testing the durability of beach beds in the field or to be a seal trainer. Alas for both I do not look good in a wetsuit!

Research interest
Plastics, plastics and plastics.. and recycling plastics.

What have been useful training/ development to date
I have found the most useful training to be those activities that have given me self confidence. These have generally come from the most unexpected sources.

Other roles (eg. peer review journals)
• I am WMG’s researcher forum representative, which means I get to order our researchers lots of food to feed their development.
• I am WMG’s Athena Swan rep.
• I peer review for a variety of plastics journals and am on the editorial board of one.
• I also like writing books, but have recently realised editing multi-authored books is a lot less onerous!

Next bid/ grant
The last one was a direct industry contract, the next one is something similar too.

Latest academic writing publication (journal/book etc)
I have edited a showcase journal highlighting papers from four of our plastic postgraduate students. This is at the proof stage.
I am currently editing a multi-authored book with Professor Ab Stevels at Delft University, Netherlands, on Management, Recycling and Reuse of Waste Electrical Equipment, with contributors from all over the world. (It should be good!)

Looking for?
Fellow polymer/plastic maniacs or those allowed to play with them.

Major achievement to date
Life: Recovering from a brain tumour.
Work: I should probably say something learned but I am actually still most proud of becoming ‘Dr Vannessa’, everything else is just icing on the cake.

Three top tips / learning
• Just have a go
• If you really want it - simply never never never give up
• Don’t be afraid to ask for help