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Academic / Research Staff Development Fund

The Learning and Development Centre administers the budget and deals with applications for funding assistance from Academic and Research staff for places on externally provided courses. Funding can only be offered for activities that are not provided by the University. Awards offered will be for up to 50% of the course fees, to a maximum of £300.

Application Form

The form must be signed by your Head of Department, with a supporting statement showing why this course will be relevant to your current role.


The fund can support applications in these areas:

  • To support staff in the delivery of teaching and the enhancement of student learning including the acquisition and development of teaching and learning skills (e.g. assessment methods; evaluating courses and teaching; design of courses and course materials; supervisory skills; student learning, etc.)

  • To support staff who wish to learn more about making effective grant/fellowship applications; project management; managing a research team; research methods etc. Please note that funding will not normally be provided for staff to attend external courses in those areas where there is already University provision.

  • To support staff in their use of technology for the purposes of teaching, learning and research/scholarship. Please note that funding will not normally be provided for staff to attend external courses in those areas where there is already adequate provision in IT Services.

  • To support staff who need to learn a language for teaching and/or research purposes. Provision should normally be sought from the Language Centre.

Further or Higher Education Courses

The Staff Development Fund will not offer funding towards the fees for Further Education or Higher Education courses which offer a qualification. The fund will instead contribute to the costs of short courses or development opportunities that focus on specific, essential skills development in order to maximise the impact of funding available. Your department may be able to contribute towards the costs of a qualification. If this is the case, then it is important to remember that you may be asked to repay part or all of the contribution if you leave within a specified time of starting the course. Please see the guidance below on Repayment of Course Fees.

Repayment of Course Fees

Payment of course fees may be subject to an undertaking from the trainee to repay the cost in the event of a decision by the Head of Department that progress was not satisfactory. In the case of particularly expensive courses, the University may provide funding subject to the requirement that staff who leave the University's service within a specified period of obtaining their qualification pay back a proportion of their fees as set out below.

 Leaving University Employment
Fees Pay-Back
Before completion of qualification
Within 1 year of completion 50%
Between 1 and 2 years of completion 25%
More than 2 years after completion 0%

Where Heads of Department agree to offer a contribution towards course fees, a formal offer should be made which makes clear the requirement to repay fees in specific circumstances. Please use this form: Fee repayment letter (Word Document)

If you require any further information on obtaining funding to attend a training course, please contact
Val Bentick x24698

Funding Request Form