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Feedback & Shared Learning

Event Feedback

• Alexei Lapkin, School of Engineering
Report on Grant Writing workshop, July 2011 - January 2012. PDF (PDF Document)

• Scott Crowther, Warwick Manufacturing Group
Report on 2 days of Arduino workshops in the Digital Lab, June and July 2012.PDF (PDF Document)

• Nana Zhang, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Sociology
Report on ‘‘Researching China’ seminar series – Digital Technology in Research’ April and July 2012. PDF (PDF Document)

Case study on the 'Researching China' network (Word Document)

• Vanessa Goodship, Warwick Manufacturing Group
Report on ‘Facilitating new industrial collaborations for future research activity’ 2012. PDF (PDF Document)

Reflective report on the broad-ranging forum of support in WMG (Word Document)

• Dezhi Li, Warwick Manufacturing Group
Report on ‘Additive Manufacturing Technologies and Potential Benefit to Local SMEs’ March 2012. PDF (PDF Document)

• Mathew Gibson, Chemistry
Report on ‘Organising a meeting to establish a forum for the development of cross-campus collaborations’ March & April 2012. PDF (PDF Document)

• Matthew Turner, Physics
Report on Collaborative meeting with experimental scientists at Medical University of Vienna and Institut Curie, Paris. Early February 2012 (Vienna) March 2012
PDF (PDF Document)

• Darren Hughes, Warwick Manufacturing Group
Report on Workshop ‘Opportunities for materials engineering using synchrotron X-rays and neutrons' – 6th December 2011. PDF (PDF Document)

• Kody Law & Wei Yang, Statistics
Report on Workshop 'Topics in Control' - 30 November - 2 December 2011. University of Warwick. PDF (PDF Document)

• Claire Foullon, Senior Research Fellow, Physics
Report on the workshop: ‘Structures in the Solar-Wind Plasma’, Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences, University of Michigan, USA, 17 – 20th October 2011. PDF (PDF Document) 

• Jassim Happa, Postgraduate Research Student, WMG
Report on the conference: ‘Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics (TP.CG) 2011, 8 – 9th September 2011, WMG, International Library, University of Warwick. PDF (PDF Document)