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EPSRC Impact, Career Development & Leadership Funding

Application Process 

Funding Barometer

Up to £30,000 is available.

Funding Grants


Funding Criteria


Application Form




Application Process

Once you have sent your application form fir funding to the Learning Development Centre, we will:

  • Contact you, usually within a week, to let you know if the application meets the criteria for funding and if so how much the fund can offer you.
  • If the application can't be funded, then we will explain why.
  • If the application can be funded, we will copy the offer letter to your Head of Department/Unit and your Department Administrator.
  • We will let your Department Administrator know how to access funding.
  • We will request feedback after you have undertaken the activity in order to share learning and best practice with other research staff.

Funding Grants

Funding is available for either:

  • Individual staff - can apply for funding up to a maximum of £1,000
  • Groups of Research Staff/Departments - can apply for funding for Research Staff up to a maximum of £5,000

Please note that applications will be considered throughout the funding period until 31 March 2013.

Funding Criteria

To be eligible for EPSRC funding, the following criteria must be met.

Applicants should be:

  • University of Warwick employees at the time of application, during the time of the event and for a sufficient length of time afterwards to complete the final report to share best practice.
  • Research active staff or an academic applying on behalf of or working for/with research active staff or involving EPSRC departments.
  • Research active staff (who are on research terms and conditions) and primarily EPSRC funded research staff. Research staff to include post-docs/research fellows/senior research fellows.
  • Able to demonstrate opportunities for collaborations/interdisciplinary work as a result of funding.
  • Able to use funding up to 31 March 2013.

 Additional criteria to be considered:

  • Be able to demonstrate impact, career or leadership development as a result of the funded activities.
  • Be able to demonstrate business/public engagement
  • Raise the profile of the department/university through the funded activities: meeting new priority areas.
  • Conference attendance cannot be funded.
  • Retrospective events cannot be funded.
  • Match funding is encouraged.
  • Any cost over the agreed amount will need to be met by your department or funding source.
  • Explanation of how you plan to show best practice/your learning - e.g. case study for LDC website.
  • The parameters of Impact & Leadership funding mean that the fund is unable to support requests for attendance at external training events aiming to fulfil personal training needs. The University's Staff Development Fund may be able to offer some funding towards essential development needs that can only be fulfilled by external training events.

Application Form

Word (Word Document) / PDF (PDF Document)

Please note, you can make more than one application.


To apply do I need to be currently funded by an EPSRC grant?

No, you do not currently need to be EPSRC funded in order to apply.

Can I apply if I have never received EPSRC funding?

Yes, you can apply if you have never received EPSRC funding. You do need to be an employee of the University of Warwick on research terms and conditions or the activities target audience are research staff at Warwick.

Can I make more than one application?

Yes, you can apply a nuber of times for different activities, both individually and collaboratively. The applications are considered on a first come first served basis whilst funding is available.

My colleague and I want to apply, are we eligible to apply for the funding as a Group?

You can apply for group funding if you are from the same EPSRC department or from differetn EPSRC funded departments (eg Chemistry and Engineering). You can even apply from a non EPSRC department where the activity is a collaborative or interdisciplinary activity (eg Physics and Sociology).

Which departments are EPSRC funded?

  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Statistics
  • Warwick Manufacturing Group

Is there any negative impact on our future application for EPSRC grants if my application for the PESRC Enterprise and Entrepreneurship funding is not successful?

The funding is provided by EPSRC to the University of Warwick for research staff development. It is managed internally at the University of Warwick and will not adversely affect any future EPSRC applications you make, if your application is unsuccessful.

You are most welcome to also contact Sandy Sparks ( ext. 74121) to talk about your idea before completing the application to see if it is something that we could support and thereby saving you time and effort.