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Awarded Roberts Funding: Annunziata Videtta

Annunziata Videtta (Dept of Italian). Awarded £2600.

Organising a conference on Translating Theatre: Migrating Texts'.

A one-day interdisciplinary conference aiming to address questions of translation, multilingualism and cultural hybridity in theatre and migrant texts.

Date: 12th July 2010
Venue: CAPITAL Centre, Milburn House
Organisers: Annunziata Videtta, Cristina Marinetti, Alessandra De Martino Cappuccio.

On being awarded Roberts Funding and organising the event Annunziata said:

"The one-day colloquium Translating Theatre. Migrating Text(s) took place on Saturday 12 June in the CAPITAL Centre and featured academics including Prof. David Johnston (Queens, Belfast), Prof. Catherine Boyle (King’s College), Prof. Margaret Rose (Milan), and theatre practitioners Paul Sirett and Rani Moorthy (Artistic Director of Rasa Productions). The event was extremely successful in establishing a forum for the discussion of translation and migrant theatre that is international, interdisciplinary and innovative in its engagement with translation theory and theatre practice. The combination of academic and practical approaches to theatre translation was achieved by a series of academic papers in the morning followed by a practitioner round table and practical theatre workshop in the afternoon. The colloquium was well-attended by staff and students, some of which took part in the theatre workshop with British Italian theatre company Legal Aliens."