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Awarded Roberts Funding: Elaine Leong

Elaine Leong (History of Medicine). Awarded £1115.

Organising 2 Public Lectures by Professor Bruce Moran (University of Nevada). 1st & 2nd July 2010.

Two sessions, organised as part of a series of events on investigating the production and transfer of pre-modern natural knowledge.  The lectures will subsequently be made available on the web through podcasts and videocasts posted on the Centre for the History of Medicine website.

 1 July - Alchemy and the History of Science (and medicine): Historiography and Controversy  (Venue:  Humanities Room 0.05)

 2 July - Sky Islands, Cultural Practices, and the Reputation of Alchemy in Early Modern Europe  (Venue:  Wolfson Research Exchange)

 Organiser:  Elaine Leong

Elaine Leong 

On being awarded Roberts Funding and organising the event Elaine said:

 "On 2 July 2010, Professor Bruce Moran of the University of Nevada, Reno, delivered his keynote lecture 'Sky Islands, Cultural Practices, and the Reputation of Alchemy in Early Modern Europe' as part of the 'The Making of Early Modern Scientific Knowledge: Objects, Spaces, Practices and Epistemologies' workshop which I organized with Claudia Stein and Marie Thébaud-Sorger.  Roberts Funding from the Learning and Development Centre enabled me to bring Professor Moran to the University of Warwick as the keynote speaker and as a participant in our workshop.  Through organizing this keynote lecture and workshop, I have furthered my organizational skills in planning and running academic conferences, gained experience in writing grant applications and established working relationships with scholars from France, Italy, Germany and the United States. "