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Roberts' Funded Events - Feedback & Best Practice

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Case Studies

Title Departments People  

Training sessions and research seminars  (part 1) (PDF Document)

  Arina Cirstea
Prof. Jane Hutton
Dr. Kurt Debatttista
Prof. Karen O’Brien
Training sessions and research seminars (part 2) (PDF Document) WMG Susan Burrows
Maria de Hoyos
Liz Harrison
Researchers' networks (PDF Document)   Arina Cirstea
Dr. Anca Alba
Dr. Vanessa Goodship
Prof. Karen O’Brien
Dr. Charlotte Mathieson (English)
Dr. Jeanine Tuschling (German)
Mairi Ann Cullen
Researchers' networks (part 2) (PDF Document)   Wolfson research Exchange
Nick Vaughan-Williams
Book launch (PDF Document)   Dr. Fabio Camiletti  
Learning new techniques and tools (PDF Document)   Judith Perkins
Charikleia Tzanakou
Andrea Hajek
Pamela Suzanne
Conference attendance and collaborative visits (PDF Document)   Frank E. Barroso
Georgina Collins
Allesandra Pontiroli
Kody Law
Sian Taylor-Phillips
Allesandra De Matino
Rohit Bhagat
Matthew Gibson
Mairi-Ann & Stephen M. Cullen
Organized events  (PDF Document)   Frank E. Barroso
Arina Cirstea
Andrea Hajek
Vasilios Stavros
Charlotte Mathieson
Yuxip Yang
Employing PhD students (PDF Document)   Ruth Cherrington
Phillip Milnes


Event Feedback

• Dr Stephen M. Cullen and Mrs Mairi-Ann Cullen, CEDAR.
Funded to attend the European Conference on Educational Research (ECER), Free University of Berlin, 12th-16th September, 2011. PDF (PDF Document)

• Mairi-Ann Cullen, CEDAR.
Report Social Return on Investment Training (SROI), date tbc. PDF (PDF Document)

• Dr Marc Walker, Department of Physics.
Report on Attendance at the 28th European Conference on Surface Science (ECOSS-28), August 28th to September 2nd 2011 in Wroclaw, Poland. PDF (PDF Document)

• Dr Alessandra De Martino Cappuccio, Department of Italian.
Report on the Conference Naples Crucible of the World 2: a Foreign Perspective. 3 - 4 June 2011. PDF (PDF Document)

• Claire Foullon, Physics Department.
Contribution towards research visits to Lockheed Martin and the Berkeley Space Science Laboratory (en route to / from conference in Hawaii), 9-12 January and 24-28 January 2011, San Francisco. PDF (PDF Document)

Paulina Sydor, Chemistry Department.
Organising Natural Products Workshop 2010, Chemistry Department, 12 November 2010. PDF (PDF Document)

• Ruth Cherrington, WMG.
Travel costs to attend Renewable UK Conference & Exhibition 2010, 4 November 2010. PDF (PDF Document)

• Kathryn Mitchell, Warwick Medical School.
Attending “Facing the Care Challenge” 1 day conference, London, 17 November 2010. PDF (PDF Document)

• Stella Hart, Institute of Education.
Attending the Vitae Research Staff Conference, Empowering Researchers through Staff Associations, 4 November 2010. PDF (PDF Document)

Carole Mockford, Royal College of Nursing Research Institute, School of Health and Social Studies, Member of the Research Staff Forum.
Attending the Vitae Research Staff Conference, Empowering Researchers through Staff Associations, Institute of Education, 4 November 2010. PDF (PDF Document)

• Kulbir Bains, WBS.
Attending the International Retail Design Conference, Toronto Canada. 13 -15 October 2010. PDF (PDF Document)