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Research Active Staff (RAS): Leadership - Preparing for Leadership


Preparing for Leadership (PfL) is a two-day professional development programme. The workshop is for Research Active Staff (RAS) - (staff on Research-focussed, Teaching-focussed and Research & Teaching contracts). It is suitable for Research Active Staff (RAS) who are starting to take leadership roles or who wish to take on more leadership roles in the future. This two-day programme uses an experiential, coaching and action-learning approach to guide RAS through aspects of leadership, such as, leading the self, intellectual leadership and team leadership. The programme is suitable for RAS of all disciplines, and particularly benefits from bringing together mixed groups of disciplines and departments. Delegates assess their current position and identify where they would like to be, what it takes to be in that role and create a plan to get there.

This workshop is based on a successful Vitae workshop (Vitae programme funded by the UK Research Councils) which has been adapted for Warwick staff.

Who should attend?
University of Warwick Research Active Staff (staff on Research-focussed, Teaching-focussed and Research & Teaching contracts).

LDC do not accept applications from postgraduates or research students. Students should refer to the Student Career and Skills website for details of workshops designed specifically to meet their needs.

There is no cost to Warwick Research Active Staff to attend this workshop.

The programme will consist of two workshop sessions:

Day 1

  • Understanding Leadership
  • Concepts and Leadership Theories
  • Coaching Conversations
  • Leadership Career Roadmap
  • Value & Authenticity
  • Leadership Book

Day 2

  • Leadership in H.E.
  • Facets of Superior Performance
  • Motivation
  • Climate and Culture
  • Collaborative Futures/Action Planning

Through the programme, participants will:

  • Appreciate the critical situations that have led them to be successful to date.
  • Consider what leadership might mean.
  • Have an insight into their preferences.
  • Clarify the tasks that are expected now and in future roles.
  • Identify the areas of competency that are required for the next steps into leadership positions.
  • Create a vision and implement their strategy.
  • Decide the culture they want to create.
  • Decide how to get the best out of other people.
  • Plan to develop themselves to do all of these things more effectively.
  • Appreciate what is important and essential in any future role.
  • Develop a peer Network.

Workshop requirements:

  • You are able to attend on both days (19 and 26 November 2018).
  • Attend for the whole programme.
  • Your Line Manager/PI/Supervisor/HoD supports your application and has signed your nomination form and/or sent a supporting email to

Further information:

  • The Preparing for Leadership programme runs once per annum & in term 1.
  • The leadership programmes; (Preparing for Leadership & Leadership in Action) are standalone programmes, you can attend them concurrently or one a year or choose the one relevant to your needs.
  • Information may be shared with a third party researcher to undertake the research & collate the information for impact reports.
  • Benefits/ outputs are shared and or included in institutional Charter Marks for example Athena Swan or HR Excellence in Research.

Feedback and Quotes from previous 'Preparing for Leadership' workshops

  Feedback from the November 2018 cohort, including responses from LDC.

  Feedback from November 2016 cohort.

  Feedback from February 2016 cohort.

  Feedback from January 2015 cohort.

Led by:
To be confirmed

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Workshop Details

TBA - Academic year 2020/21



See Campus map 

Scarman House
Parking is limited, early arrival is strongly recommended. Delegates attending an event at Scarman House are entitled to free parking. On arrival simply park in Scarman House car park, on departure, collect the parking 'code' from reception.

Any questions?

Workshop content:
Sandy Sparks
Learning and Development Adviser for RAS, LDC
Ext: 74121

Workshop arrangements:
Jane Cooper 
Administrative Assistant, LDC Ext: 24893