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Academic Writing: Translating Research for Multiple Audiences

This workshop aims to help you translate specialist research for multiple audiences, with a view to expanding the impact of your projects. From funding body review panels to local community groups to policy influencers, the session will help you to work with different styles of writing and a broader range of vocabulary, as well as equip you with ways of identifying appropriate channels for communicating to different audiences. At the heart of the workshop is the aim to help you to communicate the inherent value of your research and its potential impacts on different communities.

Who should attend?
Research Active Staff (Research, Academic or Teaching terms & conditions) who want to develop their understanding of peer reviewing and grant review panels and gain feedback on their work.

We do not accept applications from postgraduates or research students. Students should refer to the Student Career and Skills website for details of workshops designed specifically to meet their needs.

Workshop Objectives:

  • To expand the range of strategies available to participants for communicating research projects to different audiences.
  • To increase understanding of style in academic writing through practical exercises.
  • To provide a forum for discussing community engagement projects with experienced colleagues.
  • To practice translating ‘the abstract’ across genres. To identify a range of communication channels for expanding the impact and visibility of your research

Feedback from 30 November 2017 Cohort:

  • 'An informative and enjoyable workshop - thank you'.
  • 'Excellent course'.
  • 'Interesting combination of case studies and examples of literature to help reflect on author's abstracts throughout the day'.
  • 'I wish more people would attend this workshop because it would massively improve the communications within and beyond departments'.
  • 'Academic Writing workshop was very helpful for me. It made me think another way of writing an abstract (non-scientific abstract)'.
  • 'Thank you for a really lively interactive and engaging workshop, Recommended!
  • 'It is a useful course, especially for early career researchers. The course makes you think about the audience for which you write. You will improve your writing style of academically and non-academically targeted text'.

Led by:
George Ttoouli

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Academic Writing: Translating Research for Multiple Audiences
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Workshop content:
Sandy Sparks 
Learning and Development Centre. Ext: 74121
George Ttoouli [email]

Workshop arrangements:
Jane Cooper Learning Development Centre.
Ext: 24893