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Social Media/Promoting your Research/Online Presence

Useful Resources/Readings: 2nd

Linked in(PDF Document): A handy guide. This document by Dave Musson was presented at Windows on Warwick Session in June 2016
Linked in

A - Z of Social Media for Academia - An article by Andy Miah on 18 August 2016

A-Z of Social Media for Academic

Digital Identity Health Check for Academics


Social Media Honeycombe Model - Website by Jan H. Keitzmann, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Journal Article - Social Media? Get Serious understanding the functional building blocks of Social Media by Jan H. Keitmann, Kristopher Hermkens, Ian P. Paisley, Bruno S. Silvestre (2011)

Get serious


Social Media for Academics by Mark Carrigan (2016), Sage Publishers

Blogs/Top Tips

Mark Carrigan's website including a blog - Social Media for Academics

Impactstory Blog Impact Challenge Day 27: Track your scholarly soical media and website impacts on twitter, Sumall and Google,

Warwick Resource

Website: Recording and Evaluating Impact

Resource Description:

This resource bank page relates to Social Media/Managing your online presence/Digital Presence and is a source of reference when considering how to promote yourself and your research


Managing your Online/Digital Presence(PDF Document)
Women in Science
3 May 2017
Presentation by Sandy Sparks, Learning and Development Consultant, Research Active Staff, Learning and Development Centre


Digital Tools for Researchers 2017 - Moodle online course


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