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Research Active Staff (RAS): Academic Writing - Star Maker: The Difference Between 2* and 3* Journal Articles - Resource Bank Page

Useful Resource(s)

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Resource Description:

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Workshop Overview:

'Star Maker' outlines the difference between 2* and 3* journals and encourages participants to identify this in examples of work within their disciplines. During the session, we will discuss these critical points and how to embed them in writing practice.


  Star Maker: Exploring 2* and 3* Journals. 14 June 2019. Presentation by Davina Whitnall (CTP, CIPD, FHEA), Davina Whitnall Consultancy

Date of previous workshop:

Friday 14 June 2019 by Davina Whitnall

Feedback from previous Academic Writing: Star Marker - The Difference Between 2* and 3* Journal workshop:

  Feedback from the June 2019 cohort including responses from Organisational Development 

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