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RAS Network


Organisational Development Funded 2019/2020




Advanced Propulsion, Energy Management and System Control Network (APC Network)


This network focuses on the development of advanced propulsion, energy management and system control for smart - efficient transport and energy systems, underpinning collaboration opportunities between researchers, academics, engineers and students across the University of Warwick. Following that, a series of bi-monthly lunch events and a workshop will be organised with the participation of both internal and external speakers to share professional experience, latest research findings and successful stories in solving real-world problems.

NETWORK CONTACTS: Truong Quang Dinh, Andrew McGordon, Phil Whiffin, and Jim Hooper


Centre for Health Economics at Warwick (CHEW) Seminar Series

The aim of the CHEW seminar series is to bring together academics and research staff of all levels with an interest in health economics in a friendly and relaxed environment where participants have the opportunity to discuss, critically appraise and reflect on the research presented. The seminar series will build up educational networking and promotion of health economics activity within the university and beyond. The series is open to all researchers across the Warwick Medical School and other University Departments, including the Department of Economics. A series of eight monthly lunch-time seminars are planned with a diverse group of internal and external speakers presenting their research. Seminars run for one hour and lunch is provided.

NETWORK CONTACTS: Asmaa El-Banna and Felicity Langer 


Education and Psychology Research Active Network (EPRAN)

The Education and Psychology Research Network aims to create a forum for the sharing of research findings in the areas of Education and Psychology, and to facilitate inter-departmental networking and collaboration amongst research active staff and postgraduate research students across the University of Warwick. EPRAN events are open to all research active staff and postgraduate research students. During the 2019/20 academic year there will be five lunchtime seminars from internal staff (from departments including CEDAR, CES, CLL) and external guest speakers from universities in England. Seminars will run for 90 minutes and lunch will be provided.
Website [].
NETWORK CONTACTS: Emma Langley and Samantha Flynn


Faculty of Arts Early Career Writers' Workshop

The Faculty of Arts Early Career Writers' Group provides support for early career research active staff and PhD students in the Faculty of Arts through a mixture of regular writing retreat 'bootcamps', career development sessions, and social events and opportunities. The group aims to bring together researchers at similar career stages from across departments in the Faculty of Arts to promote collaboration, interdisciplinary activity, and a sense of learning community. From the start of the 2019/20 academic year, the group will meet weekly in the Wolfson Research Exchange for 2.5 hour sessions where participants can work on writing projects, such as articles, grant and funding applications, book proposals, lectures and conference papers. Refreshments will be provided at each session.


NETWORK CONTACTS: Naomi Pullin and Kathryn Woods




Medical Education Research Community (MERC)

The aim of the Medical Education Research Community (MERC) is to create a pool of medical education researchers and encourage collaborative funding bids, raising the profile of medical education research at the University of Warwick. We support each other through ‘critical friendship’ to achieve our research objectives, as a community of like-minded individuals. We offer ‘pre’ peer-review of research at different stages, with the goal of increasing the quality and quantity of output in a supportive environment. Throughout 2019-20 we will also be inviting academic speakers from other universities to present at our meetings.


NETWORK CONTACTS: Nick Hopcroft and Lindsay Muscroft 


Medical Sociology Interest Group

The Medical Sociology Interest Group is a group of researchers, academics and students with a particular interest in medical sociology. It is a cross departmental collaboration around the theme of medical sociology and aims to enable the group to keep up to date with the sociological landscape. It also provides a space to share our work, and offer support and sociological perspectives on each other’s research.
The termly meetings will provide a space for sharing initial research ideas or fully-formed proposals, reviewing journal articles, gaining feedback on papers and hosting guest speakers and is open to all Warwick University staff and postgraduates across all departments.
NETWORK CONTACTS: Carol M Bryce and Abi Eccles


Physics Post-doctoral and Research Active Staff (inc. those on fixed term contracts)

The Physics Post-doctoral and Research Active Staff Network seeks to introduce and expose research staff on fixed term contracts to services that are available within the university in terms of career progression in academia and industry. This is aimed to be done in a form that is specially catered for the focus group. Three events with one focusing on academic careers and another on industrial careers will be held over lunch. The third event aims to showcase the research carried out by the early career researchers in the department and facilitate collaboration within the group. As a secondary objective, with ample networking time allocated during each event, this RAS Networks hopes to facilitate collegiality and networking within the group, so that a common forum is built to discuss and resolve matters related to this group of staff members.
NETWORK CONTACTS: Aruni Fonseka and Reza Kashtiban 


Qualitative and Mixed Methods Interest Group

This network is a forum for exchanging and developing knowledge and expertise in qualitative and mixed methods in health-related research. This year our sessions will include topics such as transforming qualitative data into quantitative data, and on qualitative research in clinical trials. We will also hold a joint event with MSIG about ethnographic research in healthcare. The network is a collegiate arena for people to contemplate and discuss issues related to qualitative and mixed methods research. It enables networking among members engaged in qualitative and mixed methods, leading to potential collaborations on grants. It is open to all staff at the University and beyond. We aim to increase visibility of qualitative and mixed methods within the Medical School and across the wider University.
NETWORK CONTACTS: Carol Bryce and Sophie Rees


West Midlands Forensic Mental Health Research Network

This network focuses on forensic mental health research in the West Midlands. The network aims to bring together various stakeholders in forensic mental health research in the West Midlands including Universities, NHS providers, not-for-profit organisations and the third sector to provide a space for sharing research ideas that can be converted into high quality research proposals leading to external funding.

During 2019/2020 we plan to have four meetings at two monthly intervals and end the year with a Forensic Mental Health Conference. The meetings are expected to last up to 2 hours and refreshments will be provided. We expect speakers of national and internal eminence to provide food for thought NETWORK CONTACTS: Vivek Furtado, Swaran Singh and Jodie Westhead


WMG Researcher Forum

This network provides an active and monthly focal point for researchers in a cross-disciplinary department to come together to share research and ideas. A range of topics of interest to our research staff are covered from technical talks to developmental opportunities. A centralised focus for cross-discipline communications, networks and collaboration, the forum aims to support early career researchers, promote good practice in research, and to foster interaction across our diverse research base. We strongly encourage accessible cross-disciplinary talks and welcome researchers from other departments to attend or to offer to speak at our meetings.

NETWORK CONTACTS: Helen Ascroft, Valentina Donzella, Vannessa Goodship, Sumit Hazra and Sarah Wilson.


WMS Medical Statistics Book and Journal Club

Researchers with an interest in medical statistics are invited to join the Medical Statistics Book and Journal Club at WMS. The club provides an informal environment for researchers to discuss, debate and learn from their peers. At each meeting we are either discussing chapters from a book, a seminal article or an issue that a club member came across in his/her work and found interesting and worthy of a more in-depth discussion. Seminar style presentations are also given by university academics as well as external speakers. Monthly meetings for 2019 – 2020 have commenced with provisional topics to include: Clinical trials in personalised healthcare, decision-making in drug development, and more broadly data science and artificial intelligence. The club would particularly like to reach out to postgraduate research students and junior colleagues.
NETWORK CONTACTS: Deepak Parashar and Ji Chen