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Researching Human Fatigue in the Workplace

Our final meeting for the year will take place on Thursday, 27th July, 12-2 pm, Wolfson Research Exchange 1

We would like to invite all active research staff and research students to a research staff network on Researching Human Fatigue in the Workplace.

  • Are you researching how people get tired at work?
  • Are you interested in measuring and modelling performance?
  • Are you discovering how employees can recover from fatigue and how employers can prevent fatigue?

Then this is the network for you! Drinks and cakes will be provided to help fuel the discussions.


A very succesful sympoisum was held in January by the network. Two experts in the field of fatigue kindly presented. Their presentation or references cited in the presentation are available in the links below.


Andy Smith

Cardiff Psychology,


Cognitive fatigue at work

from the laboratory to the sea"

Andy Smith


Sabine Sonnentag

University of Mannheim,


"Recovery from work -

a way to beat fatigue"


Please click here for the symposium poster.

Network Objectives

The objectives of the network are to:

  • raise awareness to the research diversity occurring on this topic throughout the university, by bringing people with an interest in this topic together.
  • create an understanding of the multidisciplinary theories, approaches, and methods used to research human fatigue.
  • help inform, supplement, and direct each other’s research.

As well as furthering our individual understanding of the topic, this network brings researchers together from across the University thus supporting the establishment of cross-departmental collaborations.

Meetings so far have included a discussion of each member's own interest, reserach and approach on the topic; possible collaborative reserach questions; and member presentations. External speakers have also been invited to discuss their reserach on human fatigue in the workplace.

Further Information

Please pass on this information and poster to anyone you know who may be interested.

For further information contact Karoline Strauss (Karoline dot Strauss at wbs dot ac dot uk) or Sarah Payne (S dot R dot Payne at warwick dot ac dot uk).

A further website for members can be found here. ADS\

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