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Research Scenario Exercise

  • Enforce the use of any control measures (as per their risk assessment)
  • Check that the proposed work will not detriment others working in the vicinity and visa versa
  • Supervise where and as appropriate (dependant upon level of risk and other support available)
  • Ensure relevant approvals have been granted (ethical, HTA, GMBSC, Departmental, etc)
  • Ensure the University Health and Safety webpages are consulted for up to date information
  • Establish whether there is sufficient competence (own/student), considering training, knowledge and experience
  • Make sure the laboratory is cleaned up after use – keep room tidy and safe for others to use
  • Cost and seek approval for procuring any additional items for the research following University procurement and any funding rules applicable and identify whether any additional resources (technical or other) are necessary
  • Ensure defects are remedied as necessary and waste is removed regularly
  • Check suitability of facilities in relation to their proposal
  • Identify others that may be conducting research in a similar area or consult the H&S Department for advice/guidance or support
  • Establish expectations with the student (including target setting, out of hours authorisations, etc)
  • Induction on workshop rules and training related to equipment in the laboratory to be provided
  • Store chemicals appropriately (keeping fume cabinet storage to a minimum)
  • Ensure that deviations during the experimental phase are not made without first assessing the sufficiency of the existing methods of risk management. Where deviations introduce new or higher risks, revise the risk assessment and written methodology as appropriate
  • Ensure that a minimum amount of chemicals are purchased and that there are suitable facilities in place for their storage
  • Enforce the wearing of personal protective equipment where relevant
  • Establish or make the student aware of any emergency procedures where relevant
  • Ensure spills are dealt with and other emergencies are tackled as required
  • Test and maintain relevant equipment as required to ensure laboratory remains fit for use
  • Ensure suitable notices are displayed for any overnight reactions or equipment left on (to warn others of the hazards)
  • Purchase of chemicals using e-procurement OPeRA system (ensuring relevant hazard level assigned and approval granted) and minimum quantities considered
  • Review their research proposal and their initial risk assessment
  • Ensure student works to the local laboratory rules
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