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The Allocations Team’s working hours and extension numbers are:

Emma Argles (Assistant Accommodation Manager) Full time x23273

Jane Dashwood (Allocation Officer) Tues – Thurs 8.30am – 2.30pm x74535

Jane Harman (Allocation Officer) Full time x24151

Janet Richards (Allocation Officer) Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 9.15am – 1pm x74765

Jo Johnson (Allocation Officer) Full time x74646

Nicola Jayaram (Clerical Officer) Mon-Fri 9.15am – 1.15pm x22507

If we are in please direct queries to the following:

Off campus allocations: Jo / Emma / Jane Harman

2015/2016 Campus PG allocations: Janet

2015/2016 Campus UG allocations: Jane Harman / Emma / Jo

Medical / welfare / disability: Jane Dashwood

2016/2017 Final year allocations: Jane Dashwood

Off campus allocation emails need to go to

Campus allocation emails need to go to

References etc need to go to If you have any requests at the reception desk they need to be given to Nicola Jayaram.

Please remember we need key slips for all keys that are returned. Please do not check students out. All students should be checked in when they collect keys, including non Warwick students. Please make sure you do not add any charges to accounts. Please remember when you are giving out off campus keys you need to look at the key code and not the P number.

Please ask any of the Allocations Team if you have any queries as we all can answer. If you would like us to go through any processes or procedures with you please let us know so that we can arrange a suitable time.

Any maintenance issues need to go to the relevant Property Manager or Accommodation Service Team.

Lodgings list queries need to go to the Staff and Family Housing Team.


The following webpage should have some of the answers on it so may be a good link to use:

The Allocations Team will deal with queries regarding how much students are being charged for their room, but cannot answer queries about how much has been paid or when (including payment plans). Please direct payment queries to Student Finance.


  • We will not accommodate any PG students during term time for less than a month.

  • Campus is currently full and we are not expecting to open any waiting lists, however please forward on any emails from new students wanting rooms or students wanting accommodation in term 3.

  • Students can still apply on medical grounds by following the process at: If students are supported on medical grounds they will be contacted once a suitable room becomes available.

  • Students who are looking for replacements for campus rooms are advertising at:

  • If students living in campus accommodation withdraw from their course, their accommodation contract will be cancelled from the latest date out of the date of their official withdrawal and the date that they return their keys. They can return their keys at any time but their contracts will not be cancelled until the withdrawal is confirmed.

  • If students want to move out but are not withdrawing they need to find a suitable replacement for their room or they will not be released. We can help them advertise the room if they complete the form at:

Off Campus

  • Off campus vacancies managed by the University are being advertised at

  • Students can only be released from their off campus contracts if a suitable replacement is found who takes their room (this applies even if they are withdrawing). If they want us to advertise a room they need to fill in the form at:

  • Off campus students are not released from their contracts if they withdraw. They can choose to remain in the property but may become liable for Council Tax.

  • They can apply to be released from contracts on medical grounds by following the process at:

  • Study Inn and Liberty Park are not managed by Warwick Accommodation so students need to contact them directly.


Campus rents for 2016/2017 are not confirmed yet. Once we have them we will put them onto the website.

Current students

All of the information current students need to book accommodation can be found at: 


  • We do not currently have a waiting list for finalists. If we open one it will be advertised a week before it opens.

  • Finalists who have already been offered campus will find out their hall allocation later this week. They will be contacted again once rents have been confirmed.

  • Apart from finalists (who should have already applied) no returning students are eligible to apply for campus accommodation unless they are supported on medical or disability grounds. If any current students want to apply for campus on medical or disability grounds they need to follow the process at:

Off Campus

New Students

  • Application forms will be available from the end of May

  • The deadline to apply is 31 July

  • The website will be updated with further information once campus rents have been confirmed