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Barbecue guidelines

When having a barbecue at a campus residence, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Make sure you book your barbecue site using the appropriate Outdoor Event Booking Form on the Campus Security website.
  2. You must use the fixed barbeque equipment. For safety reasons portable barbeques or disposable barbeques in foil trays are not allowed.
  3. Use the nearest fixed barbecue at the official site for your own residence (if available). Please refer to the map of barbecue sites on campus to see where each barbecue is located.
  4. Use only proper solid barbecue fuel and fire lighters. No liquids or gases of any kind can be used and care should be taken when adding more solid fuel to the fire.
  5. Use tongs to handle all food and ensure everything is fully cooked before serving.
  6. No more than 20 people should attend a residential area barbecue and remember to ensure that noise levels do not cause a disturbance to other residents or neighbouring properties.
  7. The event should be finished by 10pm (9pm during the summer term examination period - including weekends).
  8. Do not remove any hot fuel from the barbecue, leave it to cool and clear the area of all equipment and debris at the end of the event. Please take your rubbish to the appropriate space within your residential area.
  9. When the grill has cooled, store it in the upright position.
  10. If you are unsure whether the area is clear and safe, consult the Security Gatehouse on 024 7652 22083.
  11. Should you require any first aid or urgent assistance, please call the Security Gatehouse on 024 7652 22083.
  12. The booker of the barbecue has the responsibility for the behaviour of guests and please remember that members of the Residential Life Team and Security Officers are able to end the barbecue if required to do so.