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Room allocations

Accommodation is allocated by the Warden in terms of a specified room in a residence. Students must comply with the decision of the Warden regarding the allocation of rooms. The Warden shall have the right to change the room allocation at their discretion at any time as they think fit.

Period of residence

Your fee for your accommodation entitles you to occupy your room from the first day of the contract, until 10.00 hours on the last day of the letting period. Please cooperate with the domestic staff by vacating your room promptly and leaving it in a clean and tidy condition. Please remove all cooking utensils from the kitchen and dispose of old/unwanted food and other debris in the plastic bin bags provided, ensuring that you recycle where you can. Any items left behind at the end of a letting period will be disposed of.

Room changes and transfers

All room changes must be approved by the Residential Life Team and will be subject to an administrative fee of £35 (this charge remains at the same level as the 2017-18 academic year). If you want to transfer within your current hall you should contact a member of the Residential Life Team. If there is nothing they can do but believe you should be permitted to move if possible, they will contact the Warden to see if any vacancies exist. If you wish to transfer to another University residence you must apply to Warwick Accommodation. A transfer list will be available on the Warwick Accommodation website from Monday of week 3 (term 1). Illegal transfers will incur financial penalty.

Paying your fees

Accommodation fees are due at the start of each term and can be paid in a variety of ways. Full details on how to pay your accommodation fees can be found on the Student Finance site. Please note that when a payment is overdue, late payment penalties may apply.

Departure before end of contract

If you want to leave your accommodation before the end of your contract, please refer to Warwick Accommodation and section 4 of your contract. Accommodation contracts last for the full duration stated even if you move out of your room early. Unless you withdraw from your course or a suitable replacement is found to take on your contract it will not be cancelled. To advertise your room or find out more information please contact Warwick accommodation - accommodation at warwick dot ac dot uk. If you intend to leave campus before the end of your contract, please contact the Warwick Accommodation Office and the Residential Life Team.

If you are withdrawing from the University then you need to let Warwick Accommodation know when you hand back your keys. It is important that you hand your keys in so that Warwick Accommodation knows when you have left campus.