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Things to do whilst self-isolating

It can be difficult to structure your time when you are in self-isolation. You may have just arrived at the University and are looking to meet others and form friendships. You can still do this and many other activities. Here are a few ideas and suggestions.

What can I do to keep busy when I'm self-isolating?

It is important to try and keep busy when you are self-isolating. Creating a plan for your day will help. You could break your day into segments around usual day-to-day activities such as eating, cleaning and tidying your room, etc alongside some study activity.

You can think of the time in self-isolation as an opportunity to try new and creative skills that you have previously thought of doing or would like to try - such as:

  • Physical wellbeing and types of exercise you can do in your study bedroom
  • Keeping mentally active
  • Taking time to be creative and explore new ideas
  • Opportunities for reflection and mindfulness
  • Connecting online with people you know
Connecting with other students at the University

The University has created online opportunities for students to stay connected and meet others.

Global Connections Club

This will help you to meet up with Warwick students from around the world using Microsoft Teams. A great way to stay connected, have fresh conversations with new people, and (for non-native English speakers in particular) an excellent opportunity to practice conversational English. There are organised online events and icebreakers as well as opportunities for you to organise activities for yourselves - so if you fancy linking-up for a self-isolation midnight feast then you can get together and do it!

Keep yourself mentally active
  • Draw or do something creative
  • Write: keep a diary, write letters to other friends/family in self-isolation
  • Look into online courses and learn a new skill, add something to your CV
  • If you don't have one, make a CV
Look after yourself mentally
  • Download 'Head space' and practice guided meditation and mindfulness
  • Use social media, Whatsapp, and Facetime to stay connected with loved ones. Use video calls to keep in touch. If you are not sure what to talk about you could arrange to watch a TV show/film together over video chat, or try these conversation starters
  • Relax by listening to music or watching your favourite shows
  • Use the Togetherall online community. This is available 24/7 and is a useful tool to stay connected with people all across the world
How can I do exercise if I'm isolating?

Exercise is important for wellbeing - please visit Warwick Sport to find more ways to engage with sport online and to help you stay active and look after your wellbeing during this unprecedented time. Please try to stick to a daily routine and keep eating well.