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Essential deliveries whilst you are self-isolating on campus

**Please be advised you will not be able to order groceries for delivery to campus using the MyDelivery service until you arrive on campus and confirm your address.**

You have been given access to these pages because you have notified the University that you are self-isolating in residential halls.

Whilst self-isolating you need to remain in your room as much as possible and organise deliveries of essential items.

The self-isolation page has lots of useful links for shopping that can be delivered to your residential building. Such as:

The University delivery service

The University has developed a limited delivery service for students who are self-isolating in residential halls. This service operates between 10am and 4pm daily - except for certain days over the Christmas vacation period (24th, 25th and 26th December 2021 and 1st January 2022) - and provides a way for you to obtain your parcels and potentially food supplies whilst in self-isolation.

Remember that whilst you are in self-isolation you need to:

  • Remain in your household (kitchen) group
  • Stay in your study bedroom as much as possible
  • Only go to the front door of a building to receive deliveries and ensure you are wearing a face covering and maintain social distancing whilst you do this

Access to these services is only available whilst you are in self-isolation.

How do I get parcels from the Student Post Room?

Whilst in self-isolation you may receive an email from the Student Post Room informing you that you have a parcel that needs collecting. As you are not able to leave your residential building you can request that the item is collected on your behalf and delivered to you. You will need to have some details from the notification email in order to complete the parcel collection request form.

Please be advised that the Student Post Room will be operating reduced hours over the 2021 Christmas vacation.

You may order from companies that use courier services and sometimes they may be able to locate and deliver parcels to you in a self-isolated manner. If they aren't able to do this, it is likely they will take your parcel to the Student Post Room. In this situation the Student Post Room will email you with details and it is important that you wait for this email before completing the parcel collection form.

You may have pre-ordered COVID-19 testing kits to be delivered to the University and are looking for the delivery so that you can take your test on arrival to the UK and campus. The Student Post Room have put together some helpful information about COVID-19 postal tests . It is advisable that you read this information if you have any queries.

There are a number of Amazon lockers located across campus. Please don't use them whilst you are in self-isolation as you will not be able to leave your building to collect anything. We are also not able to collect and deliver from these facilities. The lockers are popular and items can only remain in them for a limited time so it is likely Amazon would retrieve the items before you have the opportunity to collect them.

The Student Post Room operates different working hours outside of the main term time and is currently not open at weekends.

Tesco Click+Collect from Cannon Park

Please be advised you will not be able to order groceries for delivery to campus using the MyDelivery service until you arrive on campus and confirm your address.

If you are unable to secure a home delivery slot from local supermarkets then you may like to consider the Click+Collect service from the nearby Tesco at Cannon Park. The University Delivery Service will then collect the order on your behalf.

You need to remember that the University can only collect your shopping between 10am and 4pm. If you select a slot outside of these times, we will not be able to collect the order. You need to tell us your order details at least 24 hours before your order slot. If you fail to do this, we may not be able to collect your shopping and Tesco are likely to cancel the order. If you want the University's Delivery Service to pick up a Click+Collect order, please complete the Tesco Cannon Park Click+Collect form.

Rootes Grocery Store

Please be advised you will not be able to order groceries for delivery to campus using the MyDelivery service until you arrive on campus and confirm your address.

If you are unable to order a delivery from a local supermarket and were not able to book a Tesco Click+Collect slot, you could try ordering from the campus supermarket Rootes. They have a reduced product range but are able to offer a selection of international foods and kitchen supplies. If you want more information about the items available and wish to place an order, please complete the Rootes Grocery Store order form.

Laundry service

Whilst you are in self-isolation there may be an urgent need to get some of your clothes or other items washed. The University will provide an emergency laundry service for you from your second week of isolation. This service is limited to the items you need washing urgently and you will be provided with a single bag per week so you need to carefully choose what you want to be washed.

Please be advised that due to COVID-19 guidelines items will be washed on a hot wash (60 degrees) and tumble dried.

If you have very sensitive skin or are allergic to standard types of laundry detergents then the University's laundry service will not be suitable for you as the University is not able to make specific wash requests for individuals who may have sensitivities or allergies to standard washing detergents.

Whilst every care will be taken the University is not responsible for the fastness of colour, fading, shrinkage, reshaping, loss or damage of buttons and zips. The University will do its best and exercise the utmost care in cleaning any clothing items entrusted to us. However, the University will not be liable for damage or loss as a result of using this service.

Laundry will be collected between 9am-12pm Monday to Friday. There is no service at weekends so if your washing is collected on a Friday it will not be returned until Monday afternoon at the earliest.

More detailed information is included on the laundry service request form.