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Useful information


Call the Community Safety Team on - 024 7652 2222. We recommend that you store this number on your mobile phone.

Community Safety are on call 24/7 365 days of the year and are campus based. They can respond quickly in an emergency. They are first aid trained and can provide support should an ambulance be needed. Community Safety have access to buildings and emergency services will call in at the Community Safety Hub on arrival to campus. This means that they can be escorted buildings and gain appropriate access.

Duty tutor

Two members of the Residential Life Team will be on duty each night, throughout term time. They will be available from 18.00 to 08.00 hours on weekdays and from 10.00 until 22.00 hours at weekends. The Duty Tutor should be called in the event of any problem that you cannot cope with when the local member of the Residential Life Team is unavailable. The names and telephone numbers of the Duty Tutors are available from the Student Services reception desk in Senate House (next to Warwick Arts Centre - 024 7652 2280).

You can call on ANY member of the Residential Life Team or Community Safety (who are qualified first aiders) for help. Do not hesitate to contact them, even if in doubt on 024 7652 2083.

Booking vacation accommodation

University facilities (including accommodation) are used for conferences and events during vacations. This helps the University to maximise income and continue to keep students' rent as low as possible. Students who wish to remain on campus during a vacation period, that is not covered by their contract, may move to another room for that time (subject to availability). If you require vacation accommodation it must be booked in advance through the Student Services website.

Trunk rooms and left luggage policy

If you have items that you want to store at the University during vacation periods (Christmas and Easter only), the University has a limited number of trunk rooms. Please label boxes and cases as follows:

  • Name and address
  • Contact phone number
  • Student ID number
  • Date that items will be collected

It is the individual's responsibility to label all belongings clearly. Trunk rooms are not guaranteed to be fully secure and it is advisable not to store valuable property in them, the University does not accept responsibility for the security of the trunk rooms. The Campus Cleaning Services Team have access to the trunk rooms. At the end of your accommodation contract, residents must remove ALL belongings. Any contents not collected from the trunk rooms will be disposed of, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Items left in rooms

At the end of each term, a large amount of food and other household items are left in kitchens and bedrooms. Please help us by:

  • Placing any household items in the charity recycling banks that are positioned around campus
  • Running down your stock of food before you leave

Any dry goods, tins and packets that are left behind will be donated to a charity - information about this will be shared with you at the end of each term.

Lost and found

Loss of personal property should be reported to the Student Services reception desk in Senate House. Although lost and found property will be held in Senate House, it is also advisable to check reception at the Students' Union if looking for something you have lost. Any unclaimed items will be donated to charity.

You are strongly recommended to mark your academic books and files with your name and student ID number.

Electoral roll

The University is required to provide local authorities with student addresses for the purpose of constructing the Electoral Roll. It is an individual's responsibility to register to vote. Further information is available on the GOV.UK website.

Next year - Off Campus Accommodation

If you are starting to think about where you might live next year, and you are currently in your first year then you are probably considering a move off campus to live in one of the many options in the local area. The majority of students move off campus in their second year and live in student properties in the surrounding areas of Coventry, Leamington Spa and Kenilworth.

There is no need to panic or rush into reserving and booking off campus accommodation. You have plenty of time to consider your options. You need to take some time to get to know the local area and think carefully about the people who you would like to live with. Committing yourself too early to a property and housemates may be a mistake. Do your research and give yourself time to be sure.

There is a huge variety of options available for you to rent in the local area:

  • Coventry offers a vibrant city experience and a short commuting distance
  • Leamington Spa has a buzzing high street but a longer commute to campus
  • Kenilworth provides beautiful countryside on your doorstep

You may be considering purpose built student accommodation or a student house let by a private agent. Whatever you choose, it is important that you don't rush in to making a decision and take your time to get appropriate advice.

You may find it daunting to organise your off campus accommodation however there is support and advice for your from the Students Union Advice Centre. Here you will find advice about:

  • how to look for accommodation
  • choosing an agent or private landlord
  • Right to Rent checks
  • signing the accommodation contract
  • accommodation contracts
  • what to think about when moving in or out
  • common issues and considerations

We recommend that you take some time to go through the advice on these pages. The Students Union holds a Housing Day which will enable you to find out more about finding the right accommodation for you.