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Information for applicants with children

The University has a limited number of Residential Life Team flats which are suitable for occupation with children.

Please be aware that the University is not able to accommodate single parents in the residential system who have no additional live-in family support. The volunteer role requires response in person to incidents in halls and the University needs to ensure that appropriate child care measures are in place for live-in children of members of the RLT should such incidents arise.

The accommodation suitable for families is:

  • Warden accommodation at Bluebell
  • Warden accommodation at Cryfield Village
  • Warden accommodation at Jack Martin
  • Warden accommodation at Lakeside
  • Warden accommodation at Rootes
  • Warden accommodation at Sherbourne
  • Warden accommodation at Tocil
  • Warden accommodation at Westwood
  • Deputy Warden accommodation at Cryfield Village
  • Deputy Warden accommodation at Sherbourne
  • Sub Warden accommodation at International House
  • Resident Tutor accommodation at Westwood

All of these accommodation blocks have separate entrances and exits for Residential Life Team members from the Halls of Residences than those used by the students, thereby reducing the risk to children in the event of an evacuation from the building being necessary. A full risk assessment relating to these designated flats will be made available to individuals prior to accepting a role in one of them.

Children visiting members of the Residential Life Team

Whilst, with the agreement of the Warden and with due reference to relevant information on risk, it might be possible for children to make occasional visits to other residential areas, the residential areas outlined above are the only ones where the ongoing residency of children linked to a Residential Life Team role is permitted.

Changes to personal circumstances

If you are not living in a flat designated as suitable for occupation with children and your circumstances change requiring you to bring children to live with you, the University will advise you of appropriate Residential Life Team vacancies in approved areas as they arise. You are requested to notify the University as soon as possible to any change in circumstance.

If you are not able to secure such a position before the children are due to move into residence, then you will need to make arrangements to leave the Residential Life Team and make your own arrangements for accommodation. You will be notified if a vacancy in a flat designated as suitable for occupation with children becomes available. If there is more than one eligible applicant for one vacancy then a selection process will be undertaken.