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Smoking policy for Residential Life Team accommodation

You may know that the University has reviewed its policy on smoking in the light of changes to the Law that came into force on 1 July 2007. The Law bans smoking in all enclosed public areas including vehicles. This is implemented across the University in all of its public buildings and vehicles (smoking is already banned in workplaces). The use of electronic cigarettes is prohibited wherever smoking is prohibited.

The University has reviewed its overall management policies on smoking, some of which are required by law and some are not. The decision has therefore been taken to introduce a total ban on smoking within University Residences. This includes all internal areas of the residential buildings including Residential Life Team accommodation. This change to policy means that the smoking of anything in residence is now banned and the disciplinary regulations will be changed to reflect this. The ban will operate all year round including during conferences.

Residential areas are complex because they are a place for individuals to live, but they are also places where people have to come to work. The decision to ban smoking in residential areas has been taken to provide the fairest and safest way forward for all parties.