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Our values

The Residential Life Team (RLT) strive to consistently deliver outstanding service to make everyone within the residences feel part of the campus community. The following is a statement of intent towards ensuring the RLT act and behave in a way that upholds the University's core values.

The University has a set of Guiding Principles which set out the expected behaviours of the University community, both as individuals and as an institution. The RLT uphold and promote these Guiding Principles.

As a member of the RLT our volunteers will:

  • Be proactive in supporting the residential community and signposting for support where appropriate
  • Be friendly and approachable, upholding the core values of the University
  • Exhibit honesty and integrity in the performance of their roles
  • Set a positive example by seeking to be courteous, helpful, caring and compassionate in all interactions
  • Abide by the responsibilities and behaviours expected by the University community, as stated in the University's Guiding Principles and Dignity at Warwick Policy
  • Challenge any behaviours that breach the Dignity at Warwick Policy
  • Display exemplary conduct at all times and be aware of the impact of any negative behaviour on the University's reputation
  • Actively collaborate with others to create and maintain effective working relationships through an empathetic understanding of others' needs and expectations and to provide a safe and welcoming residential environment
  • Be clear and unambiguous when having difficult conversations and managing challenging situations such as when enforcing student discipline
  • Be observant, promptly reporting anything that is likely to cause harm or distress to people or cause property to be destroyed, damaged or stolen
  • Report incidents promptly that breach University Regulations and Ordinances
  • Identify themselves by name, including showing identity cards, if requested

Complaints or feedback regarding the RLT may be submitted to the Senior Wardens using the University Feedback and Complaints Procedure.