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About Warwick Retail

La Gusta

Food and much more

bedroom spaces We manage and operate all of the University owned cafes, bars, restaurants and shops on campus. We also manage the leases for shops in the Students' Union atrium.

As well as this, we also provide extra facilities and services around campus to make life that little bit easier and fun.

Our aim

bedroom spacesSimple. To provide exciting, social spaces that everyone can enjoy. We aim to always deliver great quality, whilst making a positive difference to the environment.

So what we're trying to say is, we aim to be the cherry on the cake of your Warwick campus experience.

Focusing on you

  • Provide great quality and variety for all tastes and budgets
  • Support healthy living with freshly-made produce and nutritious ingredients
  • Deliver excellent customer service
  • Give something back through loyalty schemes, special offers and free services.

Creating a community

  • Supporting causes for both our campus and local communities
  • Create exciting social spaces with interesting interiors and furnishings
  • Celebrate diversity with international cuisine and by embracing culture
  • Facilities that are student and family friendly.

Sustainability and the environment

  • Make a positive difference to the environment
  • Be ethical and sustainable in the way we operate
  • Working with students and the University to encourage people to use a travel mug rather than a takeaway cup to buy their hot drink
  • Support local farmers and suppliers.