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Sustainability, health and the environment

Choice and variety

That's what we aim to provide when it comes to tastes, lifestyle choices, dietary requirements and budgets.

Need some help in making your choice? Our staff will do their very best to provide helpful information where they can. This will help you make an informed choice.

A healthy you

Our aim is to provide healthy options that are easy to find and promoted in all our cafes, bars and restaurants.

To satisfy your needs when it comes to healthy options we often change our offer where possible. We often undertake research to help guide this.

20p off your hot drink

Bring your own travel mug to our cafes and we'll knock 20p off your favourite hot drink.

Reducing single use plastic on campus.

We’ve made the decision to stop providing single use plastic cups in all of our outlets in an effort to cut down plastic consumption on campus. Additionally, we're also trialling paper straws and wooden cutlery in selected outlets.

We are excited about this change, and we want you to help support a sustainable campus. By bringing your own cup and drinks bottle too, we can all reduce single use plastic.

Ethical commitment to coffee

Coffee cup in front of leavesOur coffee supplier across campus is Union Hand Roasted Coffee. They are a small, independent and ethically committed roaster and supplier that won the 2017 Queen’s Award in Sustainable Development.

Union source their coffee direct from farmers. Their philosophy is to build long term relationships and pay a sustainable price to improve quality. This ensures the welfare of the farming communities they work with.

Our relationship with them is the perfect blend to deliver ethically sourced, quality coffee across campus.


  • We work closely with the Environmental Sustainable team in Estates, the Students' Union and other University of Warwick departments to try and reduce our impact on the environment
  • To reduce food waste, all hot food and sandwiches left at the end of each day in our outlets are sold at reduced prices
  • If customers bring their travel mug to any café, they get 20p off the price of any hot drink. As well as saving money, cutting down on disposable cups helps the environment.
  • Proceeds made from carrier bag charges are reinvested to help support the University’s environmental strategy.
  • We've set up a Foodbank drop off point in Rootes Grocery Store and are working in partnership with the Students' Union and Coventry Foodbank to collect food items to help local people.

Supporting local farmers

Where possible, we try to source local ingredients and use local suppliers.

All the milk used in our cafes and restaurants comes from Cotteswold Dairy, a family run business in Tewkesbury. We only buy free range eggs supplied by David Hobbins of Seven Acres Egg Farm in Stoneleigh.

We are proud to support our communities, and sourcing milk locally reduces our CO2 emissions

We believe in using local farmers that produce great products and take care of their animals.

Cow chalk board