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About Topping Up


Simplified Topping Up

The new system replaces the CS Smartload Webwallet and provides a much simpler method of topping up. Once you fill in your name and university card number, you will be directed to our secure payment page where you make a simple payment with your credit or debit card. The money is loaded onto the card the next time you put it into an online till reader.


Things you should know

You need to have collected your new card from the desk in Rootes Reception. If you had a balance on your old card, this will have been transferred to your new card.

To comply with financial regulations governing electronic money, the maximum card balance is restricted to £100. This means that if you already have some money on your card and you top up the maximum £100, not all of your funds will be loaded on to the card straight away. The rest will be held in an online account and will not be loaded until the card balance goes below £50. We are currently developing a system for you to check the balance of your online account and we will make it live in the next few weeks.


To top up your new eating card. Please press the button below.





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