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Spaces and services across campus

La Gusta

Social spaces for everyone

bedroom spacesWe want everyone to enjoy our spaces around campus.

Even if you're not eating with us, you'll find plenty of choice from our food and drink spaces to find your favourite place to study, socialise or simply relax.

Your lunch, your way

bedroom spacesEat at one of our places or heat your own food. What you choose to munch at lunch is up to you.

Dietry or nutrional needs? Just let us know and we'll do our best to help.

Family friendly facilities

bedroom spacesEnjoy time with the family across campus. We offer a warm welcome to all and provide facilities to try and cater for your family needs. Highchairs, board games and free tap water are all available.


Book space on the Piazza

Create a buzz, attract an audience and be heard on campus. Make a Piazza booking to host your event.

Multiple locations across campus to easily collect and return Amazon parcels.

Ways to pay

Most of our food and shopping spaces accept all types of payment including coins and notes*, Eating at Warwick, credit/debit cards, Contactless and Apple/Android Pay.

*Red Rocket and Cafe Oculus do not take money, only card payments.

Eating at Warwick

All members of the University of Warwick have an Eating at Warwick account to enjoy 10% discount across campus.

Cashless environments

We’re introducing cashless payments at some of our outlets to support the University’s mission of creating a safer environment.

Cashless means fewer security staff, less security traffic and no cash left on the premises at the end of a working day.

Charge card

Make authorised purchases for your department with a Warwick Charge Card. This allows spending at all food and drink spaces on campus, Rootes Grocery Store and the Book & Gift Shop.

Vending machines

You will find many convenient vending machines in the buildings across campus. You can get drinks, snacks and even ice cream dispensed to you by a magic, mechanical metal crane.

If you experience any problems with a vending machine, please follow the instructions on the machine or contact the supplier directly. The machines are operated by:

Branded Vending
07771 745134 or 07791 867915 07771 745134 or 07791 867915 info at brandedvending dot co dot uk

Ben & Jerrys
08712 300395 08712 300395 lookout at outlookmanagement dot co dot uk

0871 384 1000 0871 384 1000