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From Friday 21st September, we're introducing a new pricing initiative...

Buy a University of Warwick reusable cup

At Warwick, we care about the environment and want to actively reduce our impact on the planet. That’s why, from 21 September 2018, we will be introducing a new pricing initiative in Warwick cafés to incentivise our customers to use reusable cups, therefore decreasing single cup consumption on the University campus and ultimately reducing negative impact on the environment.

To aid the transition to a more environmentally friendly approach to consuming hot drinks on campus, our cafés will be selling reusable and eco-friendly cups for £5.95.

We hope you support us in our approach to be kinder to the planet and ultimately change the way we make our purchases for a more sustainable future.

New Pricing for 2018/19

In a bid to incentivise our customers to switch to a reusable cup, we will be doubling the existing discount from 10p to 20p off the standard price of any hot drink purchased if customers bring their own reusable cup.

Our standard prices on disposable cups will be increasing by up to 10p on certain hot drinks, both to continue to encourage customers to use reusable cups and to remain competitive with high street chains and in line with inflation.

Where customers take advantage of the reusable cup discount, the new prices will effectively remain the same or decrease.

In addition to this, staff and students will continue to receive a discount of 10% when paying with the Eating at Warwick card.

The environment matters to us

We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact in many areas across the University such as food, waste/recycling, water consumption, transport/commuting and what we buy. Here are some other examples of what we have implemented so far:

- Since 2009, we’ve reduced our carbon emissions from energy use by 27% relative to floor area

- We’re continuously implementing initiatives that optimise our use of natural resources and helping the nation to meet its climate change commitment. For more information please visit 

- Our food and drink is ethically and responsibly sourced, wherever possible

- All our coffee is from Union Hand-roasted, high quality and ethical, sourced directly from farmers

- Our tea is ethically and responsibly sourced

- Where we can, we support local providers

- Our team are paid the living wage and are highly trained

- We’ve removed single use plastic cups from our water dispensers. We’ve seen positive changes and an increase in customers using their own bottles

- Our current cups are compostable

We’re proud of the changes we’ve made so far, but there’s even more that we want to do and will do in the future. To find out more about the University’s approach to sustainability, please go to