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Categories of availability

Not all pieces of Warwick instrumentation are available for external users. Each instrument has been assigned upto five availability categories to aid in indicating the typical external work that can be carried out.

(i) Warwick staff will collect and analyse data under contract for external customers

(ii) Warwick staff will collect data under contract for external customers

(iii) Equipment may be made available to an external user who has the required expertise upon negotiation of an appropriate contribution to running costs

(iv) Equipment has spare capacity for collaborative research projects on agreement with the owner of the instrument

(v) Equipment is currently used to capacity on internal research and teaching activities and is not available for external use

This information will be displayed in a key like this on the right hand side of each equipment page



Green Tick Warwick collect/analyse data
Green Tick Warwick collect data

Available to user with expertise/contribution
Green Tick Spare capacity for collaborative research

Not currently available