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More about WSS vision and strategy

Large or small, local or international, all businesses have an idea that they'd like to put into action - but sometimes they are lacking in the expertise or facilities to be able to do so.

At Warwick Scientific Services, we're committed to helping technology businesses with Research and Development. Warwick Scientific Services presents the opportunity to access facilities and expert advice leading to business advantage.

Academic experts in the fields of Materials, Life Sciences, Mechanical and Environmental Testing, and Energy Efficiency, working alongside cutting-edge unique measurement instruments help solve problems, improve product and business performance, and boost the brainpower and technical capability.

Giving businesses access to the latest thinking, knowledge and analysis equipment in the field, Warwick Scientific Services is intended to encourage engagement and collaborations between business and academics - and create relationships that can inspire further knowledge exchange, and innovations.

Warwick Scientific Services Strategy:

Warwick Scientific Services exists to boost innovation, build business advantage, improve access and provide solutions to interesting real-world problems, linking University of Warwick academics, the cutting-edge frequently unique technical infrastructure within the universities laboratories, and industry.