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Instrument Training

Internally we can offer two routes of access to our facility.

If you have few samples to run and/or you are unlikely to use a given instrument regularly, RTP staff can perform the measurements on your behalf.

If you require a large number of samples to be run or wish to use an instrument regularly, then you can be trained by RTP staff. Instrument training is a multi-step process, requiring initial training on the instrument followed by follow-up sessions to assess instrument competency and safe working. This process will be repeated until RTP staff are confident of competency. Some instruments can require many sessions to acquire the skills to run to a satisfactory standard, if you are not willing to commit to this it is more useful for RTP staff to collect data on your behalf,

Instrument training is often more relevant on your own samples and can be bespoke to your individual requirements.

To request analysis on instrument training please email d dot lester at warwick dot ac dot uk with the instrument you would like to use and details of the data you would like with as much sample information as possible.