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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are one of Innovate UK's business support solutions that enable knowledge transfer between academia and industry.

KTPs can range from 12 months to three years during which university experts will assist an industrial partner to create strategic and profitable change within their company via a high flying graduate, known as the KTP Associate, who will focus on the specific project.

The University is currently engaged in 10 KTPs (see below) and has completed over 100 successful partnerships. Current partners include:

  • Slicker Recycling Ltd
  • AstraZeneca UK Ltd
  • Siemens plc
  • Filament Consultancy Group Ltd
  • Harry Mason Ltd
  • Raleigh Adhesive Coatings Ltd
  • W.H. Tildesley Ltd
  • Centurion Safety Products Ltd
  • Expert Tooling & Automation Ltd
  • F W Thorpe PLC

Within Research & Impact Services, the University of Warwick, there is a KTP Office which actively works to:

  • offer a single contact and information point for companies and academics
  • provides support for companies and academics to complete applications for grant funding
  • assist with recruitment of associates and getting the project underway
  • to transfer knowledge and skills from the university to industry
  • to develop graduates for industrial careers
  • to increase industrial relevance of academic research and teaching
  • to encourage investment by industry into innovation
Benefits to the Company
  • Highly skilled graduate to work on a strategic company project
  • Access to academic expertise and university facilities
  • Improved competitiveness and financial benefits from completed projects
Benefits to the Academic and the University
  • Development of collaborations with innovative businesses
  • Development of business-relevant teaching materials
  • Conference material and publish high quality research papers
Benefits to the Associate
  • Opportunity to work on a project central to the company's strategic development
  • Competitive salary
  • Opportunity to develop education, knowledge and training
  • Mentoring from experienced university and company staff


For more information contact:

Louisa Evans
Knowledge Transfer Officer, Research & Impact Services