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Celebrating Social Science Impact Event 2023

Text reading: Celebrating Social science impact,  27 March 2023, 10am-5pm, The Slate, University of Warwick. With a background of purple stars and confetti

In recognition and celebration of the amazing variety of research impact activity funded by the ESRC's Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) 2019-2023, we are holding a special event this spring in the beautiful lakeside surroundings of The Slate at Warwick Conferences. Chaired by Professor Nick Vaughan-WilliamsLink opens in a new window,Link opens in a new wind Vice-Provost and Chair of the Faculty of Social Sciences and PI of the ESRC IAA, the day will include:

  • Short talks from recipients of IAA funding highlighting how these awards are enabling their research to have a positive impact on wider society (whether at regional, national or international level) followed by a Q&A .
  • Sessions to showcase the impactful work of the ESRC IAA Postdoctoral Innovation Fellows across the Midlands Region and to highlight the various collaborative activities made possible by the Midlands Graduate School ESRC Doctoral Training Partnership.
  • A spotlight on the recent ESRC IAA Commercialisation of Social Science Research fund (CRoSS), including commercialisation ‘myth-busting’, pop-up sessions with business consultants and talks from CRoSS award holders.

In addition we will recognise those whose IAA-funded work has achieved outstanding impact with a series of Warwick Social Science Impact Excellence Awards.

The event is open to all researchers (including ECRs and PhD students) and members of academic and professional services staff with an interest in social science research.

A hot buffet lunch will be provided.

Registration is essential.


Event Details

Date: Monday 27 March 2023

Time: 10am-5pm

Location: The Slate, University of Warwick.

Directions: How to find us.

  A hot buffet lunch will be provided.

Registration to attend is essential and has now closed. If you are interested in attending the event please contact:

A photographer will be present. Please let a member of staff know if you are not happy for your pictures to be used in future marketing and communications purposes.

For any questions about the event, please contact the ESRC IAA Team

Event Agenda

10:00 Tea and coffee on arrival
10:15 Welcome and keynote by Chair of Faculty/PI ESRC IAA, Professor Nick Vaughan-Williams
10:30 Showcase of Warwick ESRC IAA (round2) funded projects
12:00 Impact awards
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Midlands post-doc fellowship
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 CRoSS showcase and commercialisation myth busting session including pop-up sessions with business consultants
17:00 Event close

CRoSS Showcase and Commercialisation 'myth busting' session

As part of the Social Sciences Impact celebration event, there will be a dedicated session on commercialising social science research. Please join us for a 'myth busting' talk lead by business expert, Quentin Compton Bishop. This will be followed by a presentation from Dr Nikoleta Jones on her CRoSS funded project 'Commercialising research on social impact assessment of environmental policies'. Business experts, Quentin Compton-Bishop and Britta Wyatt will then be available for pop up sessions offering advice and guidance on commercialisation. These 'pop up' sessions will be an opportunity for colleagues at whatever stage of their project and career to gather advice and guidance from experienced and knowledgeable business consultants. Please follow the link below to reserve you slot at the pop-up session.

Pop-up session booking

Book a 10 minute slot with one of our business experts. These slots are available to University of Warwick staff and doctoral students only.

Quentin Compton-Bishop

Euphrasia services

Image of Quentin Compton-Bishop

Quentin works with early-stage technology businesses to help them understand their market opportunities and prepare them for investment. He mentors start-up founders and provides business development advice. He contributes to Innovate UK’s ICURe programme as assessor, business advisor and chair of option roundabout panels.

He is a former CEO of Warwick Ventures (now Warwick Innovations), the University of Warwick’s technology transfer office, and managed Warwick’s spinout equity portfolio. Prior to Warwick, Quentin co-founded four technology businesses in software, composite structures, surface treatment and heat pumps. He currently chairs one of them, RolaTube Technology. His earlier career was in international business development and consultancy.

He is a non-executive director of Midlands Mindforge, UPS Pension Trustee and two local social enterprises. He is a co-founder and Chair of the Levantine Heritage Foundation.

Britta C Wyatt

Managing Consultant, Oxentia Ltd

Britta Wyatt
Britta joined the Oxentia consulting team in 2013. Based out of Oxford, UK, Oxentia Ltd provides consultancy services, research, and training for HEIs and other organisations that support innovation, commercialisation and knowledge exchange. Britta heads Oxentia’s Innovation Research and Strategy service line, where she supports institutions in the UK and around the world to design, run, and evaluate innovation, entrepreneurship, and commercialisation programmes.Britta first became involved in SHAPE commercialisation in 2016, when she co-hosted the first meeting of the AHSS Business Engagement and Commercialisation Group (now one of the PraxisAuril SIGs). More recently, in 2019, Oxentia was commissioned to provide a Programme Management function for the Aspect Network, a consortium of (now) 30+ HEIs collaborating to develop good practice in SHAPE commercialisation. As a member of the Aspect Programme Management Team, Britta holds responsibility for producing the annual learning reports, and supporting the programme of activities.Before joining Oxentia, Britta worked in the enterprise IT sector in the US, and later as a commercialisation consultant at Ireland’s National Digital Research Centre (NDRC).