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Project Licence Application Process

The project licence application form states the legal basis for the information required to assess an application. It is intended to minimise unnecessary bureaucracy without compromising animal welfare. The Home Office are currently developing an online application process which will integrate with the new form.

Applicants must have successfully completed the Home Office Module1 and 5 training and are strongly advised to contact their local Home Office inspector before starting to complete the form. Please contact the BSU manager for more details.

Forms to download include:

Project Licence Application form

Project Licence Change

Internal form annex 1-3(Word Document)

Project Licence Examples

Example Project Licence - Creation, breeding and maintenance of genetically altered rodents  

Example Project Licence - Ion Channels in Peripheral Neuropathic Pain  

Example Project Licence - Combination therapies in Stroke  

Example Project Licence - Tumour neovascularisation  

Common project licence application failings

Common project licence failings(Word Document)

Home Office statistical returns and severity limit recording

General information
Advisory notes

Internal Process

PPL application 1PPL application

The Home Office Inspector must have seen at least one draft of the project licence application before submission to the AWERB. This is to ensure that the application is acceptable to the Home Office and therefore should not change drastically upon formal submission for approval.

All Forms must be signed and dated, and the version boxes must be completed. The application must also be accompanied by a completed Annex 1-3 form. Completed application forms must be submitted to the NACWO for review, before submission to the AWERB secretary for internal approval by the AWERB and sending to the Home Office Inspector.

Amendments to project licence must be requested on the application for change form and sent to the NACWO. Any amendments must be reviewed by the AWERB for internal approval before sending to the Home Officer Inspector.

Project licence proposals and amendments should be sent to the AWERB Secretary no later than 3 weeks before the next AWERB meeting. There may be a requirement for you to present your application to the AWERB. Therefore, please ensure that either the intended Licence holder or a member of their research team is available to attend.