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Continued Project Governance

Once your project has been granted Ethical approval by a Research Ethics Committee (REC), several things may need to happen during the lifetime of the project:

NHS R&D Approvals will be needed for access to all NHS sites, and is a mandatory condition set by the REC

  • Site agreements and Subcontracts would be negotiated where relevant for any external collaborators involved in the project
  • If the project Protocol changes at all during the project lifetime, an amendment may need to be submitted to the REC for approval
  • All versions of the project Protocol should be submitted to R&IS for our files to ensure we are fully aware of the project Warwick is Sponsoring / participating in
  • The R&IS Post Award team will manage your project budgets and claim income due, however attention must be paid to any terms and conditions set by the funder in terms of financial management. An example would be for European Union funded Framework Projects which require the retention of all receipts for travel expenses etc and Timesheets for staff employed on a project
  • If there is a need to change the project end date, a financial review needs to take place before approaching the Funder to ensure the project is financially viable. There may be need to request supplemental funds alongside an extension
  • Project reports must be sent annually to the approving REC, and where relevant, the Funder