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All staff and students undertaking research involving the use of human samples must be able to demonstrate their competency and be registered to do so. They must be familiar with relevant legislation, regulation under the HTA Licence, documentation and SOPs, and undergo training.

Registration is a 4-stage process, requiring:

Once all these steps are completed, then the DI will be able to register you for using human tissue.

Registration is a requirement irrespective of an individual’s experience of working with human samples either at the University or elsewhere. It is an important means by which the DI can identify all those working with human samples and communicate effectively with them, to provide effective training, advice and guidance. Registration will be renewed every four years. Failure to register or attend the appropriate training and briefings may result in a research project being delayed, or a researcher being unable to undertake research using human samples.

For more information on the training available, see: Training