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Whistleblowing Code of Practice

The University has a responsibility to manage itself legally, efficiently and fairly in the wider public interest and for the benefit of its staff, students, customers and collaborators. This requires a free flow of information about serious shortcomings in any of its activities so that appropriate action may be taken.

The Whistleblowing Code of Practice provides details of the University's policy on Whistleblowing and its procedures for reporting and investigating such disclosures. The Whistleblowing Code of Practice is a specific code within the University's overall Complaints and Feedback Procedure. The Code makes provision for staff or students or anyone contractually connected with the University to raise concerns about serious malpractice within the University and to do so with the knowledge that their action will be viewed positively and that they will be protected from victimisation.

Refer to the full whistleblowing code of practice on the University's Whistleblowing Code of Practice web page.