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BSREC Essential Documents

BSREC Application Forms

To submit an application for ethical approval you must complete the appropriate application form. An email from a Supervisor in lieu of their signature will be accepted, from their Warwick email address.

BSREC Application Form

BSREC Substantial Amendment Application Form  

BSREC Template Study Documents

These BSREC templates should be used as guidance when applying for ethical approval from BSREC. It is not mandatory that you use these exact templates, but please ensure your application includes sufficient detail to enable reviewers to fully understand your study. Template information that is not applicable to your study, should be removed.

Template - Participant Information Leaflet (PIL)  

Template - Consent Form  

Questionnaires or interview topic guides/schedules, will also require ethical review. Copies of these should be submitted with the application.

Ethical approval is a mandatory obligation and is a responsibility which should be taken seriously. BSREC will expect to see that sufficient time and consideration has gone into an application for ethical approval.

If you need advice or have any queries, please contact BSREC at warwick dot ac dot uk.