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Research projects primarily involving animals

Researchers should, in the the first instance, seek advice concerning approval from the University's

Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Body (AWERB), formerly the Biological Research Ethics Committee.

However, certain animal projects may also involve human participants, particularly those conducted on farms, or at slaughterhouses.

BSREC will consider such projects on a case by case basis. Please contact the BSREC Secretary to discuss such projects.

Examples may include:

  1. A study on a farm investigating mastitis in cows, for which farmers are asked to take milk samples for the project. BSREC would be likely to deem such a project as out of remit.
  2. A study on a farm investigating the feeding schedules for herds, which involves collecting samples from animals, data from farmers, and interviews with the farmers regarding their practices. BSREC may consider such a project to require ethical review for the aspects of the study which involve human particpants, i.e. the interviews with the farmers.

In all instances, please contact the BSREC Secretary for further advice.