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BSREC constitution & terms of reference

Chair Dr D. Ellard (WMS)
Deputy Chair Prof J. A. Covington (Engineering)
Academic Members Dr D. Biggerstaff (WMS); Dr T. Carey (WMG); Dr G. Chouhan (WMS Dentistry); Dr K. Couper (Engineering); Dr N. Evans (Engineering); Dr S. Jenkins (WMS); Prof M. Joy (Computer Science); Dr S. Lahiri (WMG) Dr S. Lim-Choi-Keung (WMG); Dr V. Nanton (WMS); Dr N. Parsons (WMS); Dr L. Williams (SLS); Dr John Thornby (CTE), Dr Jessica Savage (GSD)
Expert Members (internal to the University) C. Daffern (WMS CTU); M. Gane (R&IS); Research Data Officer (Library); D. Owen (R&IS); K. Kapadia (Legal and Compliance); N. Stockton (WMS Governance)
Expert Members (external to the University) UHCW Representative
Lay Member (external to the University) P. Hamilton (HRA)
Student member Vacant
Secretary R. Bellamy, Research Governance and Quality Assurance Manager (R&IS); email: rosie dot bellamy at warwick dot ac dot uk (Please e-mail all enquiries to bsrec at warwick dot ac dot uk in the first instance, thank you.)


  • The Committee derives its authority from the overarching University Research Governance and Ethics Committee.


  • Ensure that all non-NHS research in the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine (excluding Psychology) and related studies that involve human participants, their data, or tissue is conducted according to the highest ethical standards, and in line with relevant legislation and guidance concerning ethical approval.
  • Monitor and discuss any problems arising from non-University ethics committee processes.


  • Approve applications from Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine (excluding Psychology) staff and students for studies that involve human participants, their data, or their tissue.
  • Co-opt additional members whose particular expertise is required for certain proposals.
  • Ensure that all Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine (excluding Psychology) researchers, whether staff or students, are aware that they must submit an application to carry out research and related activities with human participants to an appropriate research ethics committee.
  • Work with other relevant research ethics committees to resolve any non-routine issues arising from Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine (excluding Psychology) applications.
  • Report regularly to the University Research Governance and Ethics Committee.
  • Chair's Action may:
    • Determine whether or not an application falls within the remit of the committee
    • Confirm the approval of conditionally approved protocols when the conditions have been met
    • In conjunction with the BSREC Secretary, or two other members of the Committee, review research applications outside of standard BSREC processes where time/funding constraints apply.

Conflicts of Interest

BSREC is committed to providing an independent research ethics opinion on all projects it reviews. In order to do this, it requires our dedicated Committee members and pool of close readers to undertake these reviews.

Close readers are advised that unless they are involved with, or are a co-applicant on the particular project that they have been asked to review, then there are no foreseen Conflicts of Interest. To ensure reviewers are allocated to projects with the relevant expertise, it is inevitable that close readers will be asked to review projects of their colleagues, or individuals they may have published papers with previously. BSREC does not declare this a conflict of interest unless the close reader feels they would be unable to provide an independent, objective review of the application.

Close readers will remain anonymous to the applicant and this information will not be disclosed by BSREC. Where a close reader feels they do have a conflict of interest, please declare this to the BSREC Secretary and the review will be reallocated to another reviewer. Any conflicts arising from items on the Committee meeting agenda should also be declared at the beginning of any BSREC meeting.

Modus Operandi

  • All papers and submissions to the Committee kept confidential.
  • A quorum of one third of members is required to approve Committee decisions.
  • Membership of the Committee is reviewed on an annual basis.

Register Interest- New members

If you are interested in becoming a BSREC close reader or a Committee member, please contact the BSREC Secretary BSREC at warwick dot ac dot uk to discuss the role further. Training for new reviewers will be provided.