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Constitution & Terms of Reference


2020 - 2021


Dr Fiona MacCallum (Psychology)

Deputy Chair

Professor Ulf Liebe (Sociology)

At least six academic members of staff from the Faculty of Social Sciences and the department of Psychology nominated by the Faculty Board

Dr Sue Wharton



Dr Ravi Thiara (Lifelong Learning)


Dr Michelle McGillion (Psychology)


Dr Edward Page



Beate Baldauf (IER)

  Tom Bailey (CEDAR)
  Dr Kevin Mole (WBS)
  Dr Alan Dolan (Lifelong Learning)
  Dr Maria Puig de la Bellacasa (CIM)

Four members from the Faculty of Arts

Dr Elise Smith (History)


Dr Susan Haedicke (Theatre and Performance Studies)

  Dr Michael Meeuwis (English)
  Dr Kirsten Harris (Liberal Arts)
  Dr Sarah Wood (English)

One member from the Faculty of Medicine

Dr Wolfgang Markham (WMS)

Lay Members (external to the University)

Kit Lawry


Reverend Dr Mark Bratton

Student member

Jacob Barker


In attendance

Dr John Taylor (WBS)


Research Data Officer (Library)

  Information and Data Compliance representative


Dr Rosie Bellamy

(Research & Impact Services)

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Terms of Reference of the HSSREC
  • The Committee derives its authority from the overarching University Research Governance and Ethics Committee.
  • To ensure that all non-NHS Research is of the highest ethical standard, and is in line with legislation and guidance concerning ethical approval and governance.
  • To monitor and discuss any problems arising from non-University ethics committee processes.
  • Commencing October 2005 meet at least bi-monthly to approve applications from staff to carry out non-NHS research.
  • Co-opt additional members whose particular expertise is required for certain proposals.
  • Ensure that all researchers in the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Social Sciences and Department of Psychology, whether staff or students, are aware when they must submit their application to carry out research either to the relevant Research Ethics Sub-Committee or an NHS Ethics Committee, whichever is appropriate.
  • Oversee mechanisms in departments in the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Social Sciences and Department of Psychology for reviewing student research not submitted for full committee ethical review and promoting good ethical conduct.
  • Report regularly to the University Research Governance and Ethics Committee.
  • Deal with urgent applications arriving between meetings by Chair’s action, the Chair consulting with specialist expertise as required. Chair’s actions will always be submitted for ratification at the subsequent meeting of the Sub-Committee.
Modus Operandi
  • All papers and submissions to the Sub-Committee are to be kept confidential.
  • A quorum of four members is required to act on behalf of the whole Committee, at least 3 of which should be academic members.
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