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Mentoring for Staff

The University provides mentoring schemes for both staff and students to assist in their training and career development.

Warwick Coaching and Mentoring (WCM) Scheme is available to staff to assist in the training and career development for those early in their research careers but also to provide career development and educational opportunities for researchers more established in their careers. The support of a coach or mentor complements rather than replaces the support of a line manager and can be particularly effective because the conversations can be tailored to the precise challenges facing the individual today.

Coaching and mentoring are defined as follows under the scheme:

Coaching occurs through a series of conversations in which one person uses their ability to listen, to ask questions and to play back what they have heard to create a relationship of rapport and trust that enables the other to clarify what matters to them and to work out what to do to achieve their aspirations.

Mentoring occurs through a series of conversations in which one person draws on their experience, expertise and knowledge to advise and guide a less experienced person in order to enhance their performance or support their development.

Coaching and Mentoring can provide a valuable experience to help researchers:

  • learn by reflecting on their experience
  • develop their confidence and skills
  • improve difficult relationships
  • tackle performance challenges
  • plan their career

Coaches and mentors acting under the WCM Scheme follow a Code of Ethics based on an adaptation of the Code of Practice published by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

Mentoring for Students

Research Student Mentoring Scheme supports and eases the transition of incoming researchers (mentees) by providing the opportunity to meet with a researcher (mentor) who is further into their programme of study. It also aims to ease the transition of postgraduate student researchers through later phases of their studies. Mentoring provides the opportunity for mentees to receive information and support on areas that are important to them, whilst at the same time supporting the development of mentors whilst they are in this role and personally.

For more information please contact Personal Development Scheme and Researcher Development