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Amend WebLink

Amend ‘Web Link’ caption
If an individual has a link to a research-related, or other, webpage displayed on their web profile the hyperlink text currently states ‘WebLink’. We have now added a facility to enable academics to input text of their choosing to be displayed as the hyperlink i.e. replacing the word ‘WebLink’.

To change the text:

  • Enter the ‘My Profile’ module of the ‘Warwick eRA portal’ and navigate to the ‘General’ screen
  • Ensure the ‘Additional Information’ subsection is displayed and navigate to the field called ‘Add text to reference Web Page (URL)’.
  • In this field enter the text to display as a hyperlink and save your changes

The text of choice will then display as the hyperlink. If no text is entered into the ‘Add text to reference Web Page (URL)’ the profile page will continue to display WebLink.

Click on thumbnail to view a change of WebLink example: An example of replacing the WebLink hyperlink with own text.