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Dr. Emily Unwin

Job Title
Assistant Professor (Teaching Focussed)
WMS - Health Sciences
Research Interests

Medical Education Quantitative research methods


Emily is the Deputy Head and the Education Lead for the Directorate of Warwick Applied Health (WAH) at WMS and a Senior Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy, leading the delivery of the Directorate's education strategy through co-creation and implementation.

She is passionate about:

  • Medical education and enhancing the professional development of doctors and future doctors;
  • Teamwork, creativity and complex problem solving;
  • Engaging and inspiring others to fulfil their potential and reach their academic goals;
  • Raising awareness of inequalities across the Higher Education sector, and supporting the implementation of initiatives to reduce these.

Emily is a member of the MBChB (medical course) team at WMS, where she is the lead for Phase 3 Faculty Development. She leads the teaching, learning and educational strategy of multidisciplinary teams of NHS clinical educators.
In other words, she is the bridge between the medical school and the NHS hospital Trusts, striving for excellence in the quality of education for future doctors.

Her professional background is as an experienced medical educator and practising clinician provide her with a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities of educating future medical professionals, and enables her to develop a diverse network of clinicians, educators and researchers throughout the sector.

Emily is a published post-doctoral researcher and her research is focused in two primary arenas:

  1. Understanding how sex / gender influences factors associated with doctors' professional performance and career trajectory;
  2. Reviews to guide education practice (in simulation for surgical training and prescribing safety).