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What is 'Compliance and Assurance'?

The Compliance & Assurance Team is a university-wide assurance function, working with areas of compliance expertise from across the University to identify, integrate and deliver consistency of processes and systems that provide assurance to the University’s executive and the governing body. It forms part of the Secretary to Council’s Office that includes a number of distinct but interrelated areas; Risk Management, Business Continuity (incl. Disaster Recovery and MIT), Health and Safety, Internal Audit and Governance.

The Compliance and Assurance team will:

  • maintain holistic oversight of Warwick’s compliance obligations;

  • support the University community to effectively and efficiently manage its compliance obligations;

  • determine priority areas that could benefit from central support (using information sourced from Internal Audit and Risk & Resilience teams to understand any existing assurance and risk levels and concerns);

  • report at regular intervals into Internal Audit and Audit & Risk Committee on work completed in priority areas to support onward assurance to the University's Governing body;
  • work with the expertise that exists in departments to develop institutional compliance knowledge and reporting;
  • work to embed a compliance and assurance culture, by helping to identify solutions whilst taking into consideration strategic, corporate and organisational aspects;
  • provide templatesLink opens in a new window (such as for Codes of Practice and Standard Operating Procedures), as part of the responsibilities set out within the Policy FrameworkLink opens in a new window.