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Education and Training

Education & training forms the second pillar of the Compliance & Assurance Framework. There are two elements to this:

1) Formal compliance training requirements

Ensuring we understand any formal compliance training requirements, by job role, through robust training needs analysis. Who needs training? What kind of training? How often?

2) Robust staff induction and appropriate communication of changes to policy / process / guidelines over time

Ensuring we understand which university policies, COPs, SOPs and any other documents detailing "how" we ensure compliance are relevant to which people and that individuals have an understanding of any specific responsibilities associated with their job role and changes to this over time.

Is this pillar implemented in my area of compliance?

If the answer to all of the questions below is 'Yes', it is likely that the 'Education and Training' pillar of the Compliance & Assurance Framework is successfully implemented in your area and we'd love to hear from you to understand more about what works well for you so that we can share best practice with others around the institution. We're also keen to know more about anything you find difficult to implement here at Warwick and seek to support you if there are any institutional barriers to doing any of this effectively. If you're happy to engage in this way, please contact us via


  • Do people know which institutional policies, Codes of Practice and/or Standard Operating Procedures are particularly relevant to their role?



You may find it helpful to complete an 'Induction matrix' template for use when preparing to onboard new staff members.

Training Needs

  • Is it clear who needs training in this area of compliance, whether people will need re-training and, if so, how often?


You may find it helpful to complete a Training Needs Analysis template.

Training content

  • Is relevant internal/ external training readily available?



  • Have you considered what kind of training people will need?

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