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Procedures is the first pillar of the Compliance & Assurance Framework and focuses on establishing good foundations for effective compliance through documentation. What do we need to do and why? How will we do it? Is it clear who is responsible for doing what?

Charter, Statutes, Ordinances, Regulations and Policies establish "what" & "why" at a University level. These documents are all overseen by the University's Governance and Academic Governance teams.

The University's Policy FrameworkLink opens in a new window provides guidance on the development, approval and publication of University policies.

Codes of Practice, Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines sit beneath these university level documents, providing the more detailed information on ‘how’ we do something as a university community.

Clear lines of responsibility and accountability should always be noted within these documents to provide clarity on exactly who is doing what within any processes that have been established. RACI tables should be developed wherever possible to clarify ownership.

The Compliance & Assurance team can support teams and departments to develop these documents or improve upon existing versions, where required. Please visit our Templates page for guidance.