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The Lockdown Diaries - Brian

Brian, in true data analyst style, provides his lockdown diary in the form of a rather remarkable Covid Pandemic Timeline

Sat 28 Nov 2020, 03:57

The Lockdown Diaries - Naomi

Delightfully, having been asked to contribute to the SPA newsletter with my ‘what have you been up to in lockdown’, I felt no pressure at all to follow up Carol and Rob (ahem, ahem) :os … as it dawned on me that I do not lead the most exciting of lives but cannot let the side down with a nil return! So … after much head scratching and pondering, here goes …

Sat 31 Oct 2020, 03:20

The Lockdown Diaries - Rob

When Faye asked me to write something for this newsletter my first thought was that I hadn’t done anything of any interest over the past few months and then after reading Carols, I realise I really haven’t done anything of any interest but here you go anyway.

Sat 31 Oct 2020, 03:14

The Lockdown Diaries - Carol

Hi all, greetings from a green and lovely Wellesbourne campus (which is where I live in case you were wondering…). I wanted to use my time at home wisely, so outside of work I have set myself a few challenges.

Sat 31 Oct 2020, 03:12