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Project: Festival of the Imagination

Circle - Sharon

Sharon Tuersley

Assistant Registrar

Introduction to Festival of the Imagination(Viewlet)

The Festival of the Imagination will take place on 16-17 October 2015 and will be the centrepiece of our 50th anniversary celebrations, showcasing the work we do at Warwick through a diverse programme of events all focused around the central theme 'Imagining the Future'.

What was involved?

In supporting a very complex event to organise, with many stakeholders and wide range of workstreams, the project manager wanted to find a simple solution which would enable all involved to have a good understanding or progress, areas of success and a way of recording, monitoring and resolving issues.

What was the solution?

After discussing the challenges of managing the project we decided to adopt a project management structure using SharePoint as the platform. This enabled everyone to see all workstreams, all tasks associated with each workstream, monitor progress and identify and resolve issues more easily. The SharePoint site was used to direct work and a weekly meeting helped to ensure everything was up to date.

Festival of the ImaginationWhat were the outcomes?

The main outcome was the transparency across the project of exactly where we were with each activity. It really helped the project manager to see the wood for the trees!

So, what happens next?

The Festival of Imagination takes place on October 16 and 17th and you can find full details here